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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ilatsiak - 82 - Turning Around

A half days journey away from the trader’s cabin, David allowed his dogs to slow down instead of keeping up with the others. For a while Kudluk jogged along side David’s sled, but then began walking as it went slower and slower. He was hoping that David would say something, but he didn’t. Finally he asked where they ought to camp. The snow was getting soft in the spring sunshine, so it was probably better to camp early and then continue on in the evening when the snow froze again.
David suddenly looked up as if he had been dozing. “Camp where you’d like.” He said. “I’m in no hurry... I’m thinking I might go back to the trader’s.”
Kudluk was struck by this idea. He had thought his father was anxious to leave the place. What did he want to return there for? Kudluk mentioned a spot a little further along the coast and said they’d stop there for a few days. He then ran ahead to catch up with his wife and their sled.
David was almost surprised he had said what he had to Kudluk. In fact, he had no idea of where he was going, but it certainly was not back to the traders. Once Kudluk had caught up with his family, David slowed his dogs to a stop and began rummaging around for some dried caribou meat. He was hungry and needed to think. As he chewed the hard, dry strip of meat, he watched Kudluk and the others disappear into the whiteness ahead. He signaled his dogs to turn left and headed out to sea.



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